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Meet the teacher templates

Meet the teacher templates

Meet the teacher templates

The end of Term 4 is on the horizon! We have created two templates—'Meet the teacher' and 'Meet the student’—for you to use at the end of Term 4, or the first week of Term 1 next year. 


Meet the teacher

Introduce yourself to your new students and their parents/carers with this cute letter. The template can be filled in online and is ideal to send home on the last day of term. The template will allow you to share a little bit more about you and hopefully alleviate any anxiety students might have about their new teacher.


Meet the student

This is an ideal activity for the last or first day of school. It's a great way for your students to tell you a bit more about themselves while showing you their personality and setting their learning expectations for the following term. 


Both templates are free to download in colour and black and white here. 


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