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Starting Point Mathematics – Workbook 6

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The first few weeks of the year are vital in determining what your students’ capabilities are. Two of our leading mathematical educators, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall, have designed a solution for you to find out the strengths and weaknesses in maths of your students!

Starting Point Mathematics is a colourful 12–page assessment booklet that doesn’t look like a traditional test, and gives teachers a way of quickly gauging the level of the class and each individual student. These brief tests can be done in short bursts of 10–20 minutes and are easy to mark and record. Do not waste the first few weeks of school! Screen your students’ maths capabilities quickly and efficiently.


Starting point mathematics can be used:
  • at the beginning of the year
  • at the end of the year
  • once a concept has been taught
  • when a new student joins the class


The teachers guide has been written to explain the purpose of various test items. For example, the links between number items such as 7+2 and 2+7 and the associated facts e.g. 7+?=9, 9-2=? Links are made to extended items such as word questions containing these facts and extended facts. Answers are provided along with support ideas to assist students experiencing difficulties.

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