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The Spelling Box 5 – Year 6

Support your spelling program with The Spelling Box! Each box contains 100 cards (two of each card) of fun-filled spelling activities, anchored in nine well-researched skills and strategies—using phonemes, visualising, chunking, using analogy, using rules and generalisations, applying morphemic principles, using mnemonics, using etymology and using source.

Designed to be flexible, The Spelling Box is easy to use and supports ANY spelling program and ANY spelling list, but it's not all hard work—a whole category of spelling activities is 'Just for Fun' to engage students' learning.

The Spelling Box can be used in so many ways! The activities are great for early finishers, extension work, language centres or literacy time slots and as quick consolidation activities.


Features of The Spelling Box 5:
  • Suitable for ages 10–11, a range of hands-on activities helps to increase students' joy for spelling.
  • The Spelling Box provides an array of simple strategies that can be expanded on and applied in other situations.
  • Students extend their learning through strategies such as 'Using Rules and Generalisations' and 'Using Sources'.


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